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Sunset at the Sofitel Sipopo. Photo: Sam DeanIn recent years a number of international hotels have opened their doors in Equatorial Guinea, making it a destination where you can be sure to find familiar surroundings and international standards of service. The most active company for now is Accor, which has developed two of its luxury brand Sofitel properties in Malabo, and two of its business-oriented Ibis properties, one in Malabo, one in Bata. The other international chain is Hilton, which operates a hotel near the Malabo airport. A Kempinski Hotel is under construction in Oyala, the seat of the new capital.

Bioko Island / Malabo
The first Sofitel was developed in a former convent that is across Independence Square from the Santa Isabel Cathedral. It literally backs into the presidential compound in Malabo, and is convenient for government and business meetings in the city. Some of the rooms overlook the Malabo harbor, and an inner court off the restaurant features a pool.

The second Sofitel is a very different hotel. Built as a key component of the Sipopo development that is several miles east along the coast from Malabo, it is located in a beautiful spot with a fabulous garden that is maintained with great care. The structure looks out over the sea and a small island, connected to the hotel by a pedestrian bridge. Its design, rooms and facilities are first class. Arriving guests are treated to an outstanding cold chocolate drink made from locally grown cocoa.

Called Sofitel Sipopo le GoIf, it includes a pool and an 18-hole golf course, the first and, for now, only one in the country (courses are being built in Mongomo and Oyala, on the mainland). A modern club house is connected to the hotel by a colonnaded walkway.

The Sofitel in Sipopo is used primarily for guests attending international events at the fine conference center nearby. It is also popular with Malabo residents who head there in large numbers for a Sunday buffet that is part of a package that includes use of the pool and other facilities.

Next to the conference center, a new mall is being built to offer quality shopping and entertainment, making Sipopo an international destination for business and conferencing.

The Ibis Hotel in Malabo is popular with business travelers. Photo: Sam DeanThe Ibis in Malabo is on the Malabo II Highway, above Paraiso and close to many of the government ministries and new office buildings. Its rooms are small but functional and its restaurant is good value for the money. A car rental company is located at the entrance, and there is plenty of parking out front. (Renting a car is easy, but you need cash.)

The Hilton is favored by Americans, and some on business in the country use it for long stays. It features a pool, a restaurant with buffet and à la carte menu, a specialized restaurant serving native cuisine (Gusto) and a lobby-level Piano Bar.

Other options are becoming available all the time in Malabo. In Paraiso, the boutique hotel, Magno Suites, offers a modern environment, comfortable socializing and dining, and personal service. Close to the stadium, the Flarex Hotel offers 16 suites, a spa, an open-air bar, and a restaurant that serves an excellent grilled fish called Capitaine. The August 3 Hotel on Hassan II Avenue was built for a regional summit and has a popular restaurant.

Outside of Malabo, there is the Moca Hotel, located high in the rainforests of the southern part of Bioko Island, on the edge of the village of Moka. For explorers of the island, or people just wanting to get out of the city for a weekend, this is a comfortable getaway.

Continental Region (Rio Muni) / Bata
In Bata, the major port city on the mainland, the Ibis Hotel sits in an excellent location, facing the sea. It is the most modern hotel in Bata for now, although others are under construction. It is the only international brand currently operating on the mainland. Other hotels are the Elik Melen, which has a restaurant and bar that are popular with locals and international visitors alike, and the Plaza Hotel, which has large guest rooms and is often used by government travelers.

The eponymous Mongomo Hotel is the main place to stay in the President’s home town on the border with Gabon. Other places to stay include Hotel Ovono Nfá, Hotel Akuakam, Hotel Mengama and the Hotel Muankaban. In the new capital city of Oyala, under construction near Djibloho in the center of Rio Muni, a luxury Kempinski hotel and conference center are being built.

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